General Information

Fırat University Institute of Health Sciences was established in 1982. We provide education in the fields of Medicine, Veterinary, Sports Sciences and Health Sciences in its field with 34 departments in different fields and 30 masters and 32 PhD programs and all the possibilities of modern education to compete in our national and international field.

Our institution which accepts national and international students is proud of having 369 researchers in graduate programs and 384 researchers in doctoral programs. There are currently 525 students studying at our institute.

There are two journals indexed by the Institute's national and international field indexes. Fırat University Journal of Health Sciences (Medicine) 3 volumes per year in the field of general medicine and 30 articles on average; Fırat University Journal of Health Sciences (Veterinary) has 3 volumes per year in the field of veterinary medicine and 30 articles in the service of researchers. Our Journals that have been published continuously for 30 years are index Copernicus, Cab Abstracts / Global Health, Tubitak-Ulakbim (Turkish Medical Index), Tubitak-Ulakbim (Life Science), National Citation Index (Ulakbim), National Citation Index (Turkish Medline Health Sciences National Publications Database Index is indexed by Turkey Citation Index and Index Copernicus International.